Black Sage Botanicals exists to empower cooperative sovereignty in an animists world. From ethnobotany & practical herbalism, to phytochemistry, esotericism, history, mythology, mycology, cosmogony, and botanical cooking... Join us to engage with the living landscape in a unique, cohesive, multidimensional fashion!!

Together, lets bounce between the left brain & right brain, aiming towards the heart of the matter- our connection to and as nature.

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*IMPORTANT NOTE* As of February 15, 2023, the BSB Digital Class Archive will be phased off of Teachable.

A new website is in the works, complete with private membership page, multi-course classes, and more! Any courses you have enrolled in will carry over!

In the interim, you will have access to the BSB Class Cloud :)
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"The richness, content and moments of internal bells and whistles ringing is quite something. Thank You Ash. I am grateful to be witnessing, receiving, and processing all you share."

"Thank you SO much for reminding us of who we are..."

"One of the most thoughtful, well-rounded, and unique herbalists I know..."

Greetings, I’m Ash!

Ash Ritter is an ethnobotanist & herbalist, botanical confectioner, and educator, drawing from over 20 years experience in traditional, academic, and clinical herbalism settings.

One-on-one longterm apprenticeships are the cornerstone of her training, extending into Druid herbalism, clinical botanical & naturopathic medicine, Mexican curanderismo & "guerilla" urban first aid. Her bachelors degree thesis focused on botanical & fungal agents for initiation, and altered states as evolutionary technology.

Ash's longstanding commitment takes shape as gathering the remnants and forging a cohesive & unique synthesis that pays homage to past, present and future generations. 

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