Tis the season to... take an ethnobotanical journey!!

What is Soma? Who are the elves?


Behold, one of the most iconic mushrooms, Amanita muscaria. 

While popularly portrayed in greeting cards, coca-cola ads, and garden gnome figurines, there is a deep and longstanding history of Amanita's cultural significance across the world.

Beyond the colonized version of reverence as a means to consumerism, rests a mycophilic web of relations that reaches back to some of our most beloved mythologies, cosmologies, and traditional healing technologies...

Fly along on our reindeer-drawn sleigh ride through Amanita's far reaching influence... from the imprints of Indigenous Eurasian ethnic groups on modern day Santa Claus & Christmas iconography, to the bountiful fungal motifs of Vajrayana Buddhism, Gnostic Christianity, and far, far beyond... join us as we unpack the relevance of Amanita mushroom across the planet.

Though we do not condone the ingestion of amanita in this class, we will discuss topical and energetic medicinal applications, not just psychospiritually, but physiologically as well!

History, mystery, myth, and medicine- unite! Merry mushroom!

Want to go even deeper into the full spectrum of Amanita's historical significance across Europe & the British Isles? Curious about modern day medicinal applications?

Check out the BUNDLE offer HERE and get a video of our 4-hour long second edition course along with this introductory class!


  Merry Mushroom :: Amanita Myth & Medicine
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