2 comprehensive courses on the global history, mystery, and medicine of the world's most famous mushroom emoji, Amanita muscaria.

As the awareness of medicinal fungi mushrooms in the minds of popular culture, it behooves us to do our due dilligence and unpack the cultural context that made way for the modern re-acceptance of fungal intervention. Throughout eras of great societal shift, Amanita muscaria has remained in the hearts and minds of the people, with an unending web of continuity, albiet with a varied connotation of narratives.

Join into both classes to break down historical placement of Amanita, as well as symbolic and mythic associations, and medicinal applications, past, present and future.

Tune in to explore ::

  • Winter Solstice celebrations & Amanita muscaria symbolism
  • Siberian & far North roots of Amanita medicine ways
  • Entheogenic traditions of Europe & the British Isles
  • The illusive Soma, the Holy Grail, and the Forbidden Fruit- what is the food of the Gods?
  • Fairy tales as gateways into the enchanted realms
  • Archaic mythology and it's ties into modern day storytelling and festivities
  • Myco-chemistry and the medicinal applications of Amanita muscaria

and so, so much more...


Ash Ritter is an ethnobotanist & herbalist, botanical confectioner, and educator, drawing from 20 years experience in traditional, academic, and clinical herbalism settings.

One-on-one longterm apprenticeships are the cornerstone of her training, extending into Druid herbalism, clinical botanical medicine, Mexican & Peruvian curanderismo & "guerilla" urban first aid. Her bachelors degree thesis focused on botanical & fungal agents for initiation, and altered states as evolutionary technology, and remains as foundational pillar in her work as a researcher, steward, educator, and seasoned herbalist. Ash's longstanding commitment takes shape as gathering the remnants and forging a cohesive & unique synthesis that pays homage to past, present and future generations. 

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