In the midsts of pop cultures seemingly new found love of fungi, there is a deep resonance, rattling the bones of our ancestral memory banks… Why now?

What is the significance of mushrooms in a time of great societal turning? And why has Amanita muscaria, the iconic red and white mushroom, left it’s imprint on us, even through the industrialized, mycophobic chapters of colonial human history? Clearly, there is a much deeper story to tell… and it’s not just about Santa Claus!!

Winter of 2020's Amanita Myth & Medicine class snowballed into something much larger than I could ever imagine, where all of the sudden a profound curiosity led me to the entheogenic roots of my own ancestry... A coming home to 2 decades of research, inner & outer, now seamlessly weaving together an almost forgotten history with my work as an ethnobotanist-herbalist.

Needless to say, after a year of even deeper diving, I am thrilled to present Amanita Myth & Medicine, Chapter 2!

What is this fungi's connection to European new years celebrations? How does Amanita leave it's mark on worldwide festivities, still reflected in modern day practice? And what of witches, the holy grail, and so mush more...?

Join us for an ethnobotanical adventure into the history, medicine, and deep relevance of the worlds favorite mushroom avatar, Amanita muscaria. We will take off from where we left off last year, in Indigenous Hyperborean and Vedic terrains, flying our chariot into the westward lands of Europe, the British Isles, the Americas… and beyond!!

The love of Amanita clearly spans far beyond greetings cards, paperback myth, and ceremonial rites... To this day, therapeutic and culinary applications are practiced worldwide. This year, we will tap deeper in to pharmacology, and the exciting yet controversial promise it brings as it gets a new spotlight in the field of modern day research.

Merry mushroom to all!

I highly recommend starting with the 1st edition of Merry Mushroom :: Amanita Myth & Medicine to get a full spectrum introduction to the roots of our ongoing historical journey. Check out the BUNDLE offer HERE!

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  Amanita Myth & Medicine, 2nd edition
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